Chiropractic care may seem scary to some, but did you know that it’s not as scary as it seems? In fact, there are many wonderful benefits that regular visits to our chiropractor in Woodbury can provide you, including better sleep, an enhanced immune system, improved mood, better posture, and less stress. However, did you there are some things you can do outside of chiropractic care that will prolong your health after an appointment?

Reasons to Walk the Walk After an Adjustment

#1 Improves Flexibility and Mobility

A stiff back is usually a painful back, and experiencing this is uncomfortable. If you’re an individual who tends to deal with tight muscles and an aching back, walking is a great way to increase mobility in the back. How? It increases circulation and thus improves flexibility, giving you the much-needed relief to stay pain-free for longer in between your adjustments with our chiropractor.

#2 Relieves Back Pain

Did you know that cardiovascular exercise can help to decrease back pain? Studies have shown that walking isn’t just good for heart health, it’s also good for circulating blood through all of the stiff muscles in your back. Low-impact exercise is a great way to release pain-fighting endorphins naturally, and as a result you’ll feel less pain and discomfort throughout your day.

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#3 Promotes Increased Circulation

We’ve mentioned time and time again that circulation is the key to decreasing pain. When blood circulates throughout your muscles, veins and organs, you’ll bring better bloodflow to the areas that need it the most, such as soft tissues and muscles. Why is this important? The areas that are experiencing pain may have toxins in them that’s causing stiffness. Increased circulation is an easy way to keep toxins moving out of your body, and all you have to do is take a nice walk.

#4 Promotes a Healthy Weight

When you’re overweight, your body will experience a number of unhealthy side effects. Not only does extra weight put more stress on your muscles and joints, but it puts you at risk for developing heart issues and diseases such as diabetes. Walking for 30 minutes per day can help to keep your weight under control and to increase circulation.

There are multiple reasons why visiting our chiropractor for regular adjustments is highly recommended here in Woodbury. Get to know our team of health care professionals at Hopkins Health today and reach out to us for an appointment. If you’ve never had an adjustment before, feel free to get yourself acquainted. We have all the necessary information you need to feel comfortable booking your appointment. Through our unique and world-class methods, we know we can give you the health boost you need to feel great again. Call us at 952-314-1245 today to make your appointment.