Welcome back to the Hopkins Health and Wellness blog. Chiropractic care and therapeutic massage are both effective treatments that reduce pain, restore mobility and function, and improve overall wellness. When these compatible treatments are combined, these therapies complement each other improving musculoskeletal and nervous system function, posture, and circulation. While chiropractic treatments address the nervous system, the spine, and other hard tissues of the body, therapeutic massage focuses on the soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and fascia. Let’s look at some of the ways these two therapies work together to benefit a patient’s health in today’s blog post. Please read below to learn more.

Massage Before a Chiro Adjustment

Our massage therapists focus their treatments on the soft tissues like muscles and tendons to encourage blood flow and lymphatic circulation which warms these soft tissues, causing them to relax and loosen. By applying rhythmic hand, arm, and elbow movements using varying pressures, therapeutic massage may ease muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness, while also improving flexibility. Using various massage techniques, therapeutic massage greatly improves circulation, reduces muscle tension and stiffness, and promotes relaxation. By improving circulation, massage therapy helps transfer and deposit nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, which stimulates healthy muscle function. Additionally, improved circulation often leads to quicker injury recovery, a reduction in pain levels, and may also help prevent future injuries. Stimulating circulation also helps muscles discard lactic acid and other toxins that gather in muscle fibers, and contributes to painful muscle spasms, soreness, tension, and stiffness. In addition to soft tissue manipulation, massage therapists often integrate heat therapies (as long as these modalities are not contraindicated due to inflammation), which may include the use of hot packs or hot stones to warm the muscles. Additional massage techniques may include passive stretching, myofascial release, reflexology, trigger point therapy, herbal remedies, essential oils, topical pain relievers, and aromatherapy. Many people tense up prior to a chiropractic adjustment, which can make it difficult for the patient to relax. A therapist’s gentle, healing touch encourages relaxation, while alleviating muscle pain associated with a variety of health conditions that cause muscle tension, spasms, and joint pain, leaving the client feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and in less pain.

Chiropractic Care After a Massage

As we mentioned above, massage treatments focus on the soft tissues, while chiropractic therapies focus more on the nervous system and musculoskeletal dysfunction. These hard tissues are enveloped by supportive muscles, tendons, and ligaments, so when muscles are stiff, tense, or injured, they pull bone structures and joints out of alignment. Because tight muscles can often make it difficult to manipulate bone structures, having the soft tissues worked on prior to a chiropractic adjustment warms, relaxes, and loosens these tissues making the hard tissues and joints easier to adjust. Chiropractors offer more extensive physical examinations, can diagnose medical conditions, and recommend diagnostics tests. Therefore, your Hopkins Health chiropractor collaborates with massage therapists to identify and treat specific musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Getting chiropractic care after a therapeutic massage improves the effectiveness and longevity of both treatments, thereby increasing range of motion and muscle and bone function, while also encouraging faster healing and improving a patient’s overall wellness.

Convenience of a Wellness Center

At Hopkins Health and Wellness, we recognize the value of these combined treatments, which is one reason why use the DMR Method in our approach to healthcare. Rather than having a massage at one location and then having to drive across town to see the chiropractor at another location, our team provides both of these therapies and others in one convenient wellness center for the Woodbury community.

These are just a few of the benefits our patients may gain from combining therapeutic massage and chiropractic care. If you would like to schedule massage and chiropractic, contact our wellness team at Hopkins Health and Wellness Center today.