chiropractic care Hopkins In this age of social media posts, shares and comments, personal information seems to be aired like dirty laundry on a daily basis. So we find  it mind-boggling when new patients of ours don’t want to be forthcoming regarding their personal history. What they may not understand is, that to provide the most effective and comprehensive health care and to proficiently deal with their pain, their health history is imperative. Without full disclosure of past injuries and illnesses, present problems and pain levels and future lifestyle and wellness goals, as a chiropractor, we are treating you blindly. During your initial visit, make sure that your chiropractor in Hopkins understands everything there is to know regarding your health history and issues. Include the following so that your chiropractic care plan is as thorough and personalized as possible:

  • Your level of pain. If pain is your reason for the visit, make sure that you are as thorough as possible in explaining where, when, how often and at what level you experience your symptoms. Be as detailed as possible when describing the type of pain you’re experiencing also; whether it is burning, aching, tingling or stabbing, etc.
  • Your medical history. When your chiropractor is attempting to formulate a care plan that is customized to your specific health needs, it is imperative to know if you’ve experienced any previous injuries like torn ligaments, broken bones or blunt force traumas like car accidents. Also, any other health problems and ailments could cause a need for adjustments in techniques or frequency of treatments so be sure to include those as well.
  • Your questions or concerns. For those who are looking into chiropractic treatments for the first time, some trepidation is to be expected. Your chiropractor wants to hear all of your questions and concerns regarding adjustments, their efficacy, the expected length of treatment and what is to be expected during a treatment. Be forthright with whatever you need to know and be ready to be open-minded with the answers.