With the holidays on our heels, a lot of us are gearing up for travel to friend’s and relative’s houses. Here at Hopkins Health & Wellness, your local Hopkins Chiropractor, we’re here to give you some tips on how you can travel without the pain.

1. Lift your luggage in stages. If you’re getting on a plane and you need to put a bag in the overhead bin, lift it off the floor and into the seat first. Then, in a second, separate movement, left it from the seat up to the overhead bin. This will help you avoid back strain. When stooping low, bend at the knees and use leg muscles to lift, not back muscles.

2. Bring back support with you. Car, train, and plane seats are not designed to give you much back and lumbar support. A lumbar support pillow will make your seat much more comfortable and it will help your back not hurt as much.

3. Support your feet. Proper lower back support starts from the ground up. If your feet aren’t placed on a firm surface while sitting, it puts strain on your lower back.

4. Check your posture, too. When you’re traveling, remember to make sure that not only is your back aligned against the back of your seat in a sitting position, but also that your headrest is supporting the middle of your head. It’s also important that you keep your shoulders straight and avoid hunching forward.

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