When you’re in pain or experiencing frequent discomfort in your body, the last thing you want to do is look for ways to make it worse. One of the quickest ways to add insult to your injury is suffering through your pain alone. Loneliness can make every malady feel worse, as well as getting care from a single doctor who might not have the full picture of your ailment.

At Hopkins Health and Wellness, we believe that there’s a power that comes when people come together. When people unite and work together, they can achieve so much more than one person could ever hope to on their own. This holds true for sports, creative endeavors, academic advancement, and more. As pioneers of the innovative and effective DMR Method, we know this is also true for health and wellness.

Collaborative Care With the DMR Method

Hopkins Health and Wellness is renowned in the world of chiropractic physical therapy due to the revolutionary health and wellness program we’ve created, called the DMR Method. The DMR Method (Diagnose, Manage, and Rehabilitate) is effective because it’s administered by a wide variety of medical professionals across the board, who all work together to collectively diagnose and treat your problem.

There are many types of professionals who add their own unique contributions to your treatment in the DMR method. Instead of one doctor independently treating your entire case from start to finish, your symptoms will be examined by physical therapists, chiropractors, and any allied medical providers that may be involved.

One of the most frequent problems with chiropractic care is that many people get the right treatments in the wrong order, which ultimately does little in providing a lasting fix. Having an entire team of people on your case helps to avoid oversights, and comes with the morale boost of knowing that you have an entire group of professionals that are rooting for you.

Combining With the Community

In addition to expert collaborative care, Hopkins Health and Wellness Center believes in being a strong community presence. By being active in our local communities, we know that we can do more to foster the power of people that come together. We call Hopkins “the greatest small town in the big city,” because we have such a great collective of amazing people here!

By engaging with the community, we’ve been able to meet all kinds of people whose problems we were able to fix through the DMR program, and it also gives us the opportunity to connect and network with other health experts in the area that could potentially be helpful allies in our collaborative care process. And, of course, aside from those benefits, working for the community is just fun for everybody involved. We still fondly remember participating in the Hopkins Running of the Bulls!

You’ve Got a Lot of Fans at Hopkins Wellness

We are extremely optimistic about the power that people have when they come together to achieve great things. That’s why the DMR Method has been widely recognized among doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors to be an effective and powerful tool in treating your bodily pain—we’re using our collective knowledge to treat your every need. Trust us when we say that, if you come to Hopkins Health and Wellness, you’ll have a lot of fans cheering for your cause.

And, while we’re infectiously optimistic about the Hopkins community we serve, you don’t have to be local to enjoy the revolutionary care of the DMR method? We’ve accommodated patients from areas far outside of our Minnesota roots. Even celebrities have enjoyed our services, both national and international! If you’re experiencing pain and you’ve considered physical therapy or chiropractic care, please contact us today, no matter where you are, to schedule an appointment!