1. Comprehensive Treatment for Whiplash

    According to an online article on mayoclinic.org, whiplash is defined as a neck injury that is caused by "forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip" which certainly helps explains the name. The injury most often happens during traumatic instances like auto accidents, physical abuse and sports accidents. Symptoms of whiplash often include neck pain and stiffne…Read More

  2. Your Hopkins Physical Therapy Professionals

    During physical activity, pain is never normal. Most of the time, pain comes from injuries. They might be new, an old and lingering ailment, or even a mysterious ache that’s difficult to diagnose. Remember that your body is a tightly interconnected system. When an injury takes place, there are ripples that spread throughout your entire body. It’s important not just to focus on the part of your…Read More

  3. Facts VS Myths: The Truth About Your Hopkins Chiropractor

    Here at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center, your trusted Hopkins chiropractor, we provide innovative nonsurgical care that can quickly get you out of pain and teach you how to keep it from ever coming back. Even though chiropractic care has become mainstream, unfortunately a lot of old myths still exist. Today we’re going to tackle some of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic …Read More

  4. Rare Physical Therapists In Hopkins

    We have the rare and physical therapists at Hopkins that provide knowledge and knowhow everyday. Here, the DMR Method provides a long-term corrective solution to decrease your pain and restore optimal mobility. We encourage you to allow us to treat you with an alignment and stabilize the pain to the spine. Our rare and physical therapists in Hopkins have very compassionate and caring hearts!…Read More

  5. The Greatest Physical Therapists at Hopkins

    Chiropractic services are necessary for so many more problems than you can know. And it is also extremely effective for treating many health conditions. The most common conditions that patients present to our office are counting to so may, we can't tell you an official number. We simply have the greatest physical therapists at our lovely facility, Hopkins!…Read More

  6. A Prestigious Physical Therapist In Hopkins

    We have a DMR method which is a non surgical solution to improving your ability to function physically at a far better rate than any other service. We can relieve back pain in just a few visits, we promise! You can learn more about our services and save time by filling out our forms in advance. View our list of forms and we promise you'll love our prestigious physical therapists in Hopkins and the…Read More

  7. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Sees Snow Related Injuries

    Snow! Snow! Snow! It is truly a winter wonderland out there; it looks so beautiful with the fluffy flakes falling down and settling on everything. Unfortunately if you need to drive anywhere it means you will have to get out and shovel your driveway and depending on how much snowfall you’ve had and how long your driveway is it can be quite a daunting, and physically exhausting, task. Please be v…Read More

  8. Happy Snow Day Thanks To Physical Therapists In Hopkins

    You woke up this morning, took a look out the window and saw that it had snowed during the night. What a site it was to behold! Two minutes later the kids came rushing into your room squealing with delight and excitement begging you to go outside and make snow angels with them. You just have long enough to wolf down a piece of toast before they literally drag you outside to get the fun started. Ma…Read More

  9. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Educate Amputees

    Not only will amputees need to learn how to adjust on a basic physical level but they will also need help learning how to live their lives with this massive change. Physical therapists are not only responsible for teaching these people how to manage basic life skills but it also involves aspects that are more detailed. Educating patients on resources that are out there to help them, and ways in wh…Read More

  10. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Help The Pessimists

    The holiday season is here and if you’re any kind of a pessimist you may have a gloomy point of view when it comes to this time of year. Most people see beautiful Christmas trees, family festivities, delicious foods, and gifts gifts gifts. But pessimists can look at the same things and see wrenched backs, pulled muscles, digestive issues, and a waste of money. Our center has a team of profession…Read More