1. Take Care of Your Back While Camping This Summer

    Summer is upon us, and so are several months of fishing, camping, and hiking. These are all fun activities that we look forward to, especially in the gorgeous state of Minnesota. But, before you head out for your summer adventures, take a moment to think about what these activities mean for your spinal health. We believe an ounce of prevention goes a long way, so here are some tips to get through …Read More

  2. Facts VS Myths: The Truth About Your Hopkins Chiropractor

    Here at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center, your trusted Hopkins chiropractor, we provide innovative nonsurgical care that can quickly get you out of pain and teach you how to keep it from ever coming back. Even though chiropractic care has become mainstream, unfortunately a lot of old myths still exist. Today we’re going to tackle some of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic …Read More

  3. Preparing for Your First Appointment for Hopkins Massage Therapy

    If you have been reading our previous blogs, you already know that there are many benefits of Hopkins massage therapy. You could find relief from insomnia, anxiety, stress, headaches and more. After reading about the benefits of massage, you may be ready to give us a call right away to schedule your appointment, but before you do that there are a few things that you should know first. Getting a ma…Read More

  4. Get Fit at Our Wellness Center in Hopkins

    Did you know that the number one New Year's resolution is losing weight? Makes sense, almost 40% of adult Americans are overweight. Yes, we are well into March and studies have shown that most resolutions have already been given up by February, but it doesn't have to be a new year for you to change your life. It doesn't matter if you had a bad month, start keeping your resolution by changing your …Read More

  5. The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy in Hopkins

    There are so many amazing benefits of massage therapy. It is a common misconception that massage therapy is just for relaxation, while it's true that it helps you to relax, it is also an effective treatment for many issues like stress, anxiety, insomnia, and even headaches. If you would like to reap wonderful benefits of massage for yourself then come to Hopkins Health & Wellness. We are your …Read More

  6. The Hopkins Massage Therapy Solutions For All!

    DMR to begin with, it’s an acronym for Decompress, Mobilize and Rehabilitation. The DMR Method is a hands-on, high-tech method that has been utilized time and time again to help everyday Americans get the pain relief they need. And it can give you fast, lasting relief for quite some time. And without pills, injections or surgery, you should feel amazed at the Hopkins massage therapy solutions th…Read More

  7. Desirable Hopkins Massage Therapy

    We know so many facets to massage therapy and we want to share them with you. All you have to do is call us and request a free consultation in which we can provide the proper information for you. Our Chiropractic is an important part of a wellness lifestyles and much more. Many people use chiropractic to help keep their body and nervous system balanced to maximize their health; well we do this and…Read More

  8. Hopkins Has Massage Therapy Magicians

    Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing you with caring attention all the time that you are here. We at Hopkins Health And Wellness Center take what we do very seriously. And we actually care about people and have the track record to prove it. Our personalized attention to help relieve your symptoms of pain and get you back on track is some of the best in the world! Please take the advic…Read More