physical therapy hopkinsWhether you’re recovering from an old injury or you need help recovering from a new one, our physical therapy and sports rehab clinic in Hopkins is your best bet for a full recovery. With our experienced physical therapists on your side, you can rest assured you’ll be treated correctly. We will not only examine you, but we will diagnose and create a treatment plan for your pain and/or condition. Our clinic was designed to treat patients of all ages with lack of mobility, pain, medical issues and much more. Whatever the cause may be – illness, injury or disability – our physical therapists are standing by to restore your function, reduce your pain and enhance your mobility as much as possible.

Are you recovering from a surgery, suffering from chronic wear and tear on your joints, experiencing the aftermath from an accident, noticing stiffness in your muscles and/or joints or recovering from surgery? If so, look no further than DMR Clinic in Hopkins.

Our physical therapy program can enhance your recovery and performance by:

  • Rehabilitating and preventing injuries
  • Addressing loss of mobility
  • Restoring proper alignment statically and dynamically
  • Emphasizing stability with return to physical activities and sports
  • Extending the overall life of your physical and athletic ability

Holistic Approach

With our holistic approach, we are confident in providing you with a customized plan to help decrease pain. Additionally, with the other amazing recovery programs we offer to our patients (massage and chiropractic care), we’re sure your overall well-being and health will gain traction. To learn more about our physical therapy program in Hopkins, contact us online today!

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