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hOur Mission

Valeo is a Latin word meaning “to be well.” Our therapists are here to help you attain wellness for life. At Valeo Massage, we tailor each treatment to the unique needs of the individual.Our therapists are experienced in treating for everyday pain and stress relief as well as auto accident recovery, chronic pain conditions and sports injuries.

Benefits of Massage

Massage/Bodywork has a wealth of benefits, some are physical some are mental and improve flexibility, reduce blood pressure, and restore proper fluid flow in the body. The mental benefits of massage are reduction in mental stress, decreased irritability, improves focus, and improved sleep periods. The emotional benefits of massage are a decrease in anxiety, enhancement of self image, and a more enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

Types of Massage

Deep Tissue

The goal of deep tissue massage is to get in contact with the deep layers of muscle and connective tissues.

Trigger Point Therapy

TP or Myofascial release is a therapy that targets sore, irritable, or tight spots in muscles. The therapist carefully seeks out trigger points and uses specific compression techniques to release these areas.

Visceral Manipulation

VM uses very specific soft manual forces to encourage normal mobility, tone and motion of the internal organs and their connective tissues.

Sports Massage/Injury Recovery

Sports Massage/Injury Recovery is designed to increase athletic performance. Most often sports massage focuses on the muscles used by athletes, i.e. runners want special focus on their legs and hips. Deep tissue techniques aid in increased blood flow and a reduction in soreness of stressed or over used muscle groups.

Craniosacral Therapy

CST is a gentle hands on technique used to find and release restriction in the body’s fascia. Fascia is a thick layer of connective tissue which encompasses every organ, bone, and muscle, as well as brain, spinal cord and central nervous system.

Our Massage Therapists

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