1. How the Right Treatment at the Wrong Time Can Make Things Worse

    There’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes accompanies chiropractic care or physical therapy—sometimes, the results just don’t last. While every single medical practitioner has to account for some margin of error, no matter how small, the truth is that sometimes, not every problem can be solved. However, through the failures, it’s possible to learn new information that can lead to a highe…Read More

  2. The Impact of Poor Posture

    Everyone has been guilty of poor posture. Whether you hunch over your computer at work or tend to slump down while eating dinner, many people are aware of their poor posture, but just never do anything to fix it. You are probably aware that good posture comes with a variety of benefits, but it may not have occurred to you that the opposite is true as well: poor posture has a variety of negative ef…Read More

  3. How to Prevent Sports Injuries

    In 2012 alone, approximately 570,000 people went to the emergency room from injuries sustained while playing basketball. Another 560,000 were seen for injuries during bicycling; 466,000 for football injuries; more than 265,000 for injuries sustained on the baseball or softball field and another 230,000 who were injured while playing soccer. Of these almost 2 million emergency room visits, more th…Read More

  4. Check Out How We Helped Leslie With Her Back Pain!

    “I lived with chronic lower back pain for 14 years. Three months ago I began seeing Dr. Pete L’Allier at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center. His adjustments combined with the right exercises suddenly eliminated all the pain. Amazing! I didn’t even bother to wish the pain to go completely away because it had been so long and I was hoping to just get some relief. It was the first time in 14 …Read More

  5. Top 5 Ways That Our Physical Therapist in Hopkins Can Help

    Physical therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. Whether you suffer from back pain, you have recently dealt with an injury or you have an illness, physical therapy is a low-risk treatment that could yield some major benefits for you. The following is a list of the top 5 ways that our physical therapist in Hopkins can help you:  It can reduce your pain- Some forms of physical therap…Read More

  6. Dynamic Physical Therapist in Hopkins

    Would you like to help your body to perform at the highest level possible? You can greatly increase your quality of life and optimize the way that your body works with physical therapy. There are so many great reasons to utilize physical therapy, and it is used to treat a huge variety of injuries, diseases, dysfunctions, and more. We are proud to say that we have an incredibly dynamic physical the…Read More

  7. Rare Physical Therapists In Hopkins

    We have the rare and physical therapists at Hopkins that provide knowledge and knowhow everyday. Here, the DMR Method provides a long-term corrective solution to decrease your pain and restore optimal mobility. We encourage you to allow us to treat you with an alignment and stabilize the pain to the spine. Our rare and physical therapists in Hopkins have very compassionate and caring hearts!…Read More

  8. The Greatest Physical Therapists at Hopkins

    Chiropractic services are necessary for so many more problems than you can know. And it is also extremely effective for treating many health conditions. The most common conditions that patients present to our office are counting to so may, we can't tell you an official number. We simply have the greatest physical therapists at our lovely facility, Hopkins!…Read More

  9. A Prestigious Physical Therapist In Hopkins

    We have a DMR method which is a non surgical solution to improving your ability to function physically at a far better rate than any other service. We can relieve back pain in just a few visits, we promise! You can learn more about our services and save time by filling out our forms in advance. View our list of forms and we promise you'll love our prestigious physical therapists in Hopkins and the…Read More