Welcome back to the Hopkins Health & Wellness Center blog! Along with the chiropractic care you receive with us to reduce your back pain, there are many healthy practices you can implement daily to relieve pain and improve your overall wellness. In our recent article, we began sharing with you some insights into how making small adjustments (pun intended) to your daily practices can effectively relieve back pain at home. What’s more, practicing these healthy habits can also enhance the chiropractic adjustments you receive with us, so it’s a win-win either way! Here are the tips we discussed last time:

  • Practice the RICE Method if you have suffered an injury
  • Practice daily stretching
  • Stay hydrated
  • Use essential oils
  • Invest in a good mattress
  • Wear supportive shoes

Here are a few more tips from your Top Rated Local® chiropractor in Woodbury. Ready to schedule a chiropractic treatment? Visit our site to schedule online or call us to arrange an appointment.

Six More Ways To Relieve Back Pain At Home

Get Up and Move During Netflix Binges

While you may not be spending as much time binge-watching Netflix in the middle of summer, fall is just around the corner. While there’s nothing like spending a lazy Sunday snuggled up on the couch, watching the newest season of your favorite show, your back will probably feel quite sore at the end of the day. Sitting or laying in one or two positions for extended periods of time can cause your back muscles to cramp, spasm, and stiffen. This can irritate the spinal nerves, causing pain in the back that radiates throughout the body, oftentimes leading to several hours or even days of pain and discomfort. Get up and move in-between episodes to stretch your muscles and get the blood flowing.

Watch What You Eat

Many inflammatory foods can aggravate inflamed muscles and joints. Be wary of processed foods, foods that contain high amounts of fat, salt, and sugar, and avoid greasy, fried foods when you can. While these may taste delightful, they can intensify pain and inflammation in the back and other regions of the body. Instead, try to make healthy choices and eat inflammatory foods in moderation.

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Take A Soak

Soaking your body in a warm or hot bath is a great way to relax your muscles and reduce tension. Try adding Epsom salt to your bath to soothe sore, overworked muscles. Add a few drops of lavender and/or peppermint essential oils to your bath to relieve aches and pains while encouraging relaxation.  

Walk It Out

Sometimes, a nice, brisk walk is all you need to get the circulation going to loosen up those back muscles and ease soreness. Walking is not only beneficial for relieving acute pain such as a twinge or cramp, but is also a great way to stay fit and keep your midsection weight in check. You see, when you carry excess weight around your midsection, this can cause consistent or even chronic pain in the back as a result of extra pressure on the spine and hips. Walk more to feel better!

Find Peace and Stillness

A Harvard Health study recommends meditation as a natural pain relief method, and we couldn’t agree more. Meditation is an effective self-care technique for relieving pain because as you find peace and stillness in your practice, you can calm your mind, which helps with stress and anxiety management. Physical and emotional stress is one of the top causes of back pain, so finding a healthy way to alleviate mental and emotional stress and help your physical body relax, too.

Work It Out

The Mayo Clinic offers several back exercises that can not only relieve back pain, but can also strengthen the muscles and joints in your back and body to help prevent injuries. Of course, you will want to talk to your chiropractor to make sure these low-impact exercises are appropriate for your specific needs. Exercising, even when it’s low impact, encourages endorphins, your body’s natural pain relieving hormone, to flow. So exercise your back to relieve back pain while strengthening the tissues that support your spine.

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Practicing these and other healthy habits can relieve your back pain while enhancing chiropractic care you receive at Hopkins Health & Wellness in Woodbury. Ready to schedule your next chiropractic adjustment? Schedule an appointment online or give us a call today!